Friday, 17 December 2010

We are still alive!!

Hi everyone, just to let you know we are ok! - Im at work, doing this in my lunch as we are waiting for our new tv/broadband/phone to be connected hopefully next Monday.

A bit of news..

Douglas was given a new tablet for yet another problem he has ticked off from the new diseases/conditions left in his medical dictionary that he hasnt used yet, and it caused a mighty reaction on one foot, bringing him out in a very nasty itchy and sore rash. Walking was very painful for several weeks.

Im glad to say the rash has now gone (he stopped the tablet that caused it) and hes fine now.

We had a lovely day out in York at the Christmas Market with colleagues from his work. I "drove" Douglas in a wheelchair that we hired from Shopmobility, due to the above. We arrived back at home about 6pm, absolutley exhausted but very happy!

I applied for a new job at work, but didnt get to interview stage.. I need more practice at doing applications the way "they" want them :-)

The cats had their "Cativersary" on the 15th December.. this marks 4 years of their life with us!! They are a gift that keeps giving and giving (as long as we feed them, and tell them how much we love them every day!)

Douglas had a good works lunch out, going to a local pasta place and having steak.. it was a nice surprise and a big treat when a wealthy colleague decided to pay for the lot!!

In the new year Im moving teams at work. Ive done Waste Carriers stuff for three years now, and because I want to be developed (hence the application for a job one step higher than I am now) the Management have decided that they would play musical chairs with some of us. Im moving to the team that deals with all the emails the Environment Agency get.. which can be long and complicated at times!!

Well, happy Solstice/Yule/Xmas/New Year to you all,

I hope to be back online soon to post some photos!

Anna xx