Sunday, 23 October 2011

October update

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blogging! I will try to blog more often again :-)

We started the month with a visit from my co-Freegle Moderator, Sairah, her partner and their kids, Adam who is 6, and Thomas, who at the time of the visit was officially not born as he was about 6 weeks early!Link
On the 7th October we went down to London for a couple of days to see Ds brother Simon. We found a B&B is Islington called Kandara Guest House which was in a quiet road, very close to the bus route and very comfortable, I highly recommend it if you need a base in London for a holiday.

Simon was a wonderful guide. He took us to lunch on the first day at a Malaysian restaurant. It looked a bit cheap and cheerful, but the food was good. Click here for a link to trip advisor reviews. We wandered round bits of London, and went back to our B&B exhausted!

On Saturday, Simon took us to Borough Market in South East London. We had a wonderful morning walking round the market, testing cheese and cakes, and buying some lovely stuff to take home and to have lunch. It isnt cheap, but it was a nice treat. I'm sure we will be going back at some point :-)

I'm sure the photos will speak for themselves!

We also went round a small part of the Tate Modern, and after that we were exhausted!

We got back on the Sunday lunch time, had a few hours to relax before D's older brother Mike, his wife Rhona and their kids Andrew and Aileen descended upon us for a few days!! The kids stayed with us, and the grown ups stayed in a holiday cottage a few miles away.

We had a lovely few days, going to Speedwell Cavern, and then to Chatsworth House. We all went round the house, then Mike and Rhona went for a look round the countryside, I took the kids to the petting farm where we were able to cuddle some guinea pigs. Douglas chilled out in the car whilst Aileen squeeked more than the guinepigs with her favourite word - "cuuuuute!!" - This word seems to apply to any small furry animal, including our cats who were not impressed at being enthused over ;-)

The other interesting thing we have done this month is going up to a workshop in Neon Glass in Wakefield.

We learnt how to bend tubes of glass, and saw the process of creating a vacuum in the tubes, cleaning them with Helium gas, then putting Neon Gas in to create a wonderful red colour when electricity is applied! I found this on our local Groupon email, and thought it looked fun, and indeed it was! Again, photos will say more than words :-)