Monday, 8 August 2011

Sticky end to our Holiday!

On the Sunday night, Douglas didnt feel very well. We were due to leave Monday morning anyway, so I packed the car and had breakfast - Douglas by this time was feeling worse, and didnt eat anything.

We went to say our farewells on camp, and retrieve our camping chairs, but Douglas stayed in the car feeling horrible.

As we drove into Ripon, we decided to make a detour and go to the cottage hospital. It would have been about a two hour drive to Sheffield Hospital and we decided that Douglas really couldnt cope being in a car for that long.

The staff at Ripon were lovely. They found Douglas a trolley bed, and called their Doctor who arranged for him to be taken, by ambulance to Harrogate Hospital as Ripon is only really for minor injuries. Douglas was feeling and being sick, and his temperature had risen considerably.

I nervously followed the ambulance, having never been to Harrogate Hospital before. The driver was lovely and made sure I followed her all the way.

I met up with Douglas shortly after he had been given a bed, and stayed with him for what seemed like an eternity.

The Doctors came, but some iv antibiotics into Douglas as well as some pain releif - he had contracted yet another infection that because of his poor immune system had raged right through him very quickly.

So.. there he was, stuck in a Harrogate hospital and there was I, stuck without my beloved at the end our our holiday!!

I went home, as I couldnt think what else to do. I packed a suitcase with clothes, kindle, his mbile phone and many other home comforts, and had a bad nights sleep :-(

I phoned work early on the Tuesday, told them I wasnt coming in and why, and set off up to Harrogate again. I was devastated whenI got there to find I had left the lovingly packed suitcase at home on the living room floor!!!!

My lovely husband forgave me - he was just pleased I had come to keep him company for the day :-)

I reluctantly went home, and somehow managed to work on Wednesday - I think I was on Auto Pilot!!

On Thursday I went back up to Harrogate (work very kindly agreed I could have a days emergency leave... I think I would have gone anyway!!) This time, I took the suitcase with me!

The Doctors said there was no chance of me taking him home, although he was feeling much better, but then.. right out of the blue at 2pm they said he could go home!!!!!!!

After a very looong wait for his tablets, we escaped, and got home by 6pm!

Here endeth our summer holiday.

You won't be surprised to hear that I slept like a log that night, with my Douglas back beside me, and slept loads over the weekend to catch up with what I'd missed.

Our summer holiday 2011

Every year we go up to North Yorkshire, and stay in the Ripon area.

In 2010 we found a luxiouious B&B called The Old Coach House, in North Stainley

So we decided to make a return trip. I am glad to say it was just as lovely as last time, and a great place to base ourselves for a long weekend.

The reason we go up to this area every year is to meet up with like minded Pagan friends who gather to celebrate Lammas (Harvest Festival) and to have a lovely relaxing weekend in each others company.

There are about 200 people that go to camp in what essentially is just a couple of fields with a tap and some composting loos. We also have access to a field with a stone circle that some of the campers helped to build.

On this family friendly weekend, all ages are represented - from the fairly newly born to the elderly, some of whom (like us) cheat and "camp" in B&Bs nearby. There are talks and activities, but we mainly just chill out with The Dagda, the Pagan security group that keeps us all safe and sorts out any problems.

This weekend was very special as Douglases best friend Dave was having his handfasting (like marriage) We were delighted to be there to witness Dave and Liz saying their vows and having their hands tied to represent their married lives beginning.

The camp disorganisers normally do not allow any photos on camp, as not everyone is "out" as a Pagan in their normal lives, but as Dave and Liz specifically wanted photos, the rule was waived.

Davd and Liz looked beautiful as we stood between the stones of the stone circle plighting their troth.

After the vows had been spoken, the newlyweds came round the circle with a drinking horn full of wine and some biscuits, giving some to each of the many people who had come to witness their wedding. If you look carefully at this lower picture, you will see that Dave and Liz are bound to each other. They stayed bound until the evening!

We are honoured every year with the presence of Damh the Bard. Dave as he is also known, composes, sings and plays beautiful Pagan tunes that Douglas, I and very many others at Camp adore. You can see him, looking up at the sunny day whilst a piper does his bit.

What a very special weekend that was :-)

Lumarium - Architects of Air

On Thursday 28th July - the day before our long weekend holiday, I dragged Douglas into town to see a Lunarium created by Architects of Air.

Imagine going inside a static bouncy castle and looking up at the light from the sky coming in through the plastic.. then imagine that the colours are vivid and beautiful.. reds, yellows.. purples.. blues.... This art installation had come to town just for a week. I took Douglas to see it on the last evening, and I'm very glad I did!!

Only a few people were allowed in at once, entering into a receiving chamber between two heavy flap like doors to keep the air pressure up inside.

We walked round in the maze of tunnels and cave like spaces, in awe of the beautiful colours, watching other peple wandering round, and some curled up on the floor in the sides just enjoying the atmosphere - I think one or two were asleep!

I hope you like the photos we took :-)

What a wonderful start to our holiday!