Saturday, 24 October 2009

Catch up

Hi blog readers, sorry for the lack of news for a while.

Douglas came out of hospital as I said, and we had a lovely evening together. This episode of illness has taken the stuffing out of him somewhat, and hes still been feeling sick now and again so although he did attempt to go back to work on Thursday, he only managed the morning.

Lets hope next week brings better health for him :-)

I've been incredibly busy at work these last few weeks.. I managed to keep going to work all through the week D was in hospital, knowing that if I didnt, I would only mope at home, miss him and feel miserable - I also really wanted to be at work because there is so much going on!

Over the last 6 weeks here are some of the things I have been given as projects/responsibilies by my fab boss... this is ontop of normal daily paperwork and being on the phones giving advice to our customers :-)
  • Organising and printing off thousands of renewal reminders for people with waste carrier licences..
  • Training a few extra people from different departments to help cope with the huge influx of renewals my first job generated
  • Organising work for these extra people to do, fielding questions and problems they have
  • Keeping various statistic spreadsheets up to date (Government departments loove stats!)
  • Helping to organise a few events for Customer Service Week
  • Organising others in the department to check the certificates and paperwork printed out for customers to ensure its correct and ready for our marvellous letter stuffer machine
  • Organising for application packs to be put into envelopes by the afore mentioned machine ready for advisiors to send out to customers who don't or can't register themselves online
  • Teaching various members of my team how to process registrations made by online customers
  • Providing support and advice about the Waste Carrier process for other staff members who had queries from customers (ie have you registered me yet, how can I .. what do I do because.. )
  • Reverse cherry picking the more complicated queries and sorting them out .. I love the harder stuff, its so much more interesting!
  • Making banoffe pie to raise money on our dress down day for a local charity (YUM)
Well, i think thats all I have been doing.. I've been coming home quite knackered, so thats one reason why I have not blogged.

Some of you know that I help our local Freegle Group...

FREEGLE is a play on the word Free and Google. Its about giving freely easily and locally.

If you have an item that still has some use left to it, but that you no longer want, you can put a message on the Feegle forum for your area saying

Offered: Item (describe it), still works but no longer needed (then the area you live in)

(Long pause in typing.. Lilly is on the desk demanding to be worshipped)

The chances are pretty high that one or more of the members (we have 3500+) of the group will email you and ask for the item!

This morning we hired a church hall (In conjunction with the Council who think our group is great) and held a non-internet Freegle giving and getting morning. People came in, dropped things that they no longer need off, and taking a few items that they fancied. It was a very wet day, so we didnt get many visitors, but those that did almost all went away with something given by another.

Someone brought in some mini tree ferns that they had grown by spore. By the end of the event, there were two left, so I have taken them to my parents who are both very keen on ferns, so they will be added to the collection.

In very many years time, they will look like this, but at the moment they look like ordinary pot plants :-)

Look hard enough at the bottom left hand side of this picture and you will see a man!!

Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow - but I know that it will NOT involve housework as Douglas just suggested lol.

I will keep you posted.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Better update

Hes coming home tonight!!!!!!!!! yipieee!

Ps this is Fridays news :-)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Recovery - Douglas bounces back :-)

After a busy, productive enjoyable day at work (despite being very tired) it was lovely to pop in and see Douglas, who is so much better.

It seems that this time its a proper tummy bug thats doing the rounds... there are quite a few other kidney patients with the same problem in the same hospital at present... so many that he can't get a side room on either of the two renal units.

As you can see he dosnt look too upset about this, I found him a hair brush for his beard, and got him a card so he can watch TV and phone people. I doubt he will be doing much phoning, and until I get his mobile charger into him, he wont be doing much of that either lol.

He hopes to be out on Friday.. will keep you posted.

Douglas brushing his beard :-)


Just a quick note to say Douglas isnt well again.. hes had diahorreah and vomiting since sunday evening. This sadly isnt uncommon so we thought we would see how it went.. last night D was getting worse and wasnt able to keep any fluid in, so at 7pmish we phoned the out of hours Dr service, and after a very long wait, we went to the hospital via ambulance (first time Ive ever been in one!) and he was admitted straight to a holding/assessment ward. We got to the ward at about 11.30pm.

I phoned them this morning.. hes been given anti sickness medication and is on a drip (probably just saline) and was sleeping.

I will call them again at about 11.30 after they have done the busy bit of the morning.

He has his mobile with him, but probably wont feel like texting at present. I will have mine at work and can see any messages etc at my break times.

updates as and when,

Anna xx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Cute Lilly captured in mid roll!

Lilly, not wanting to be out done by Billy, posed for the camera in mid roll as if to say "look at me, Im MUCH cuter than he is...

its up to you to decide!

Its such a hard life...... being a cat...

Dear Billy, after nearly a whole day of sleeping on his favouite armchair in our lounge, was obviously very tired, so he came up to the office for a snooze on his favouite cushion cover!

I think it must be hard work maintaining those lovely whiskers :-) He may be sleeping now, but as soon as he hears the sound of his biscuits falling into his food dish, he will magically wake up and be very hungry after his hard days work lol.

I think Lilly is also sleeping somewhere.. either the spare bed or on/under our bed.

The hair cut!

As some of you know, I have really really long hair. For those of you who dont.. I had really really long hair until yesterday!!!!!!!!

Now I have just longish hair. I was brave and went to a proper Salon de Hair.. although I have been to barbers shops now and again, and demanded a quick chop of the worst bits, this time it was serious.. a wash then a chop!

The last time I had my hair washed cut and dried was when I lived in Leicester with my parents.. I must have been a young teenager at the time. All I remember is it was jolly expensive!!

The young man who did the chopping yesterday said about 5 inches really needed to come off to make it look all tidy. He did so, and I was very brave in not crying!!

As a special treat he got some flattening irons out and straightened it all.. it looked amazing!!

You can see the choppy bits here!

Douglas, sainted moggies and I are all fine. Douglas had a diabetic eye scan, which is why we went into town yesterday, and Billy.. well Billy brought in a HUGE DEAD RAT on Friday evening, looking ever so proud of himself.

I dont really need to explain ~(but I will anyway) that Douglas freaked out a bit, but very sensibly put the dead specimin into a carrier bag, praised Billy and binned the "prize".

We are pretty sure he didnt kill it, as he was only outside for a few minutes before he brought it in. My older brother, by way of facebook, suggested we should put it on the compost heap as a warning to others of its kind, but we really didnt want it to be brought back into the house again, so into the bin it went!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

On the March - a cat visiting my parents pond

This is a picture my mum took recently of a very beautiful cat walking round my parents pond.

Not quite as beautiful as our two cats (in case they are reading this) but very pretty indeed, and a wonderful photo!

Click on the photo to view it at its best.