Saturday, 6 March 2010

Extolling the virtues of ones husband :-)

I have just written my blog with almost no mention of the most important person in my life, who is wonderful :-)

Douglas wasnt feeling like swimming, and said he was quite happy to stay at home and do housework (and bake choc brownies for my choirs event) whilst Carlo and I went swimming.

I got back to find the kitchen shining.. floor cleaned, dishes done, cooker cleaned.. not to mention a lovely tray of brownies made!

I only had time for a few kisses and a change into my green and purple singing outfit before rushing out, Sat Nav at the ready to the venue.

The Sat Nav proved not to be very helpful, and to cut a long story short, I got very lost on the way to my choirs venue.

In desparation, I called my ever patient husband and told him of my woes. He turned on the computer, found the venue then found where I was, and with much paticence he guided me, road by road to the Hall.

I really could not manage without him!

Douglas, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy day

Its been busy today, but a very enjoyable Saturday.

I had a little sleep in - got up about 8 and had breakfast with Douglas. We did some housework and watched Masterchef (on recorded TV) then set off to a nearby Sports Stadium to pick up young Carlo - our 5 year old nephew. Mum was out all day doing a course, Dad and the other two kids were performing in a show/panto, so trying to look after Carlo at the same time would have been impossible... and we were happy to help!

We got to the gym session early, and Carlo was doing very well, balancing on a beam and enjoying himself. When he had finished, we went round the supermarket, and got Carlo to choose what he wanted for lunch and tea, then went home and ate.

Carlo spent ages playing with some small toys and the cat tree that belong to our Sacred Beasts, but was very pleased to be taken swimming. Just he and I went.. Douglas stayed in to do more housework and make some chocolate browines for later.

We had a great time in the pool! Carlo can now swim without any arm bands etc, and can even swim with his head underwater if he has his goggles on. I was a very pround Aunty watching him!

We got back, and I had to make a pretty quick turnaround as I was singing with my choir, Body of Sound for the very first time!!!

We were singing ten peices, to celebrate International Womens Day. It all went very well.. and I have some photos to share. I would love to upload a soundbite, but I dont know how to do that yet!

The ABCA stuff in the photos show how one of our more complicated tunes is set out. Each part, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass each follow a different pattern of verse and "la la laa" bits. I promise you, the end result is lovely! This was taken in rehearsal.

I took this one during the performance. There is one song that i have only sung twice, and although the words are very simple, the tune is fast and complicated, so I quietly stepped out for that one.. and took the opportunity to take a few photos!

This is our leader, Helen, getting us ready to start a song.