Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The tail continues (dont read if you are squeamish)

Back to the vet today.. does not look like tail has to come off (yay!!) but we have to clean it quite agressively until Saturday.

One of us holds the poor boy still, whilst the other scrubs the tail with salt water and kitchen towel to get some of the puss out of it (no... not puss as in cat.. puss as in the nasty stuff!!)

Douglas held and I cleaned. Billy was Definatley NOT impressed!! (miaoooouch) poor baby..

Oh.. also the vet says hes a big boy.. on the verge of being too big!! (Ok if we eat too much, its our fault, but if Billy gets overweight its our fault, not his!! )

Douglas and I have already started to watch over the two of them at meal times, as Billy will eat a lot more than he should given the chance. Lilly eats about half her portion, has a break and wants more later but in that time Guess Who comes along and finishes it her for!!
We are now picking up Lillys plate to prevent this happening, putting it down a little later and watching like a hawk to prevent Billy muscling in and getting 2nd helpings :-)

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Poorly Billy

Thank you for all the good wishes for poorly boy.. hes sitting beside me, and is intently staring out of the window, as if to say

"You not good mummy.. you keep me inside it's not fair "

My reply to Billy is..

"Poor boy.. I know you love going out, but remember what the cat doctor said (Vet to you humans) you have to stay in for a few days to let your tail heal"

Billy is in a lot less discomfort than he was yesterday, he can now put his tail down without flinching, but its now moved onto the itching stage, and he twitches it alot, but itching shows a) its healing and b) he still has a lot of feeling there, so they are good signs I hope.

I think that a large persian-oid looking cat (horrible dirty cream and dirty brown very scruffy possibly un-neutered male monster) may have done the damage - certainly not snake because one of the wounds looks as if it goes all the way through to the other side of his tail, and the puncture wounds are too small for those of a fox.

I will, of course keep you all updated as to his progress.

Meanwhile.. please also send some love and attention for my other pet.. Douglas ;-) whose tail is a little out of joint... not from a bite, but from missing camp, and not getting as much sympathy as Billy :-) (Pooor Douggieee lots of love from his Anna)

Monday, 28 July 2008

Billys Tail...

After a lovely holiday, we got back and I noticed there was something strange about the way Billy was holding his tail.. he normally holds it straight upwards when hes walking or interested in something, but half of it was bent.. it looked broken :(

Being a new cat owner, I called my mum and told her i was worried. She has had cats for many years, so as with many things, I asked her for advice. The advice was take Billy to the vets.. so I phoned the closest one up, and they very nicely said bring him straight over. After a bit of a flap to find box, put postcode into satnav, get purse and brain ready, Douglas and i put the unwilling cat into his box.

The vet was very nice.. carefully felt Billys tail, and my poor baby flinched.. so vet shaved the fur off the sore bit of tail and ouch.. two nasty puncture wound bites that had got infected showed up.

The vet gave my poor moggie an antibiotic injection and some pain killer, and told me to keep him inside for a few days. We have to go back on Wednesday for the vet to see how hes doing.

At the moment, because its sore and exposed, Billy is having a hard time of it.. hes finding it very hard to settle and sleep :-( and keeps turning to lick the sore bits and then flinching when he tries to lie down.

Ahh at last.. hes now found a comfortable position, and has gone to sleep.

I hope he recovers well, and does not have to have the majority of his tail removed!!!

A lovely long weekend

We got back today from our little summer holiday to a Pagan camp that Douglas and I have been going to for years. Douglas has some very good friends there who are the security for the festival.

The weather was scorching, so most of the time we spent hunting for shade. The camp can get pretty lively sometimes, but I think the high temperatures subdued everyone a bit.

Sadly many people still think Paganism is all about devil worship, abusing children, and naked sexual orgies, (nothing, by the way could be further from the truth) so the camp organisers ask for no photos to be taken of anyone without express permission, so I have only got a couple of photos to show you.

Just imagine a very happy group of about 300 people, from newborn to old and doddery camping in two fields with beautiful countryside round them. Some look "normal" in everyday sun wear, some look very hippy, and some with very little on at all! Its a place where we can do our own thing, meet with fellow minded people, play drums, have fun, drink and chat (oh, and drink more) until you are ready to fall into your tent in exhausted happiness, all without fear of getting funny looks or asked a load of strange questions by those who dont understand.

On Sunday we build a Straw Man - also known as John Barleycorn (think of the film, the Wicker Man without sacrifice element) The group build the Straw man together, then just the women build a disproportaionate sized willy, which is an ancient fertility symbol!

Once built, the Wicker Man gets paraded round camp, then sent back to the site of the fire. Everyone gathers, a ritual to "close" the camp and the Wicker Man is burnt as a tribute to the God. For more info, have a look on wikkipediea for Wicker Man, and John Barleycorn, or ask!!

Just remember.. nothing but straw, hay, wood and time are sacrificed on this fire.

Here is the Wicker man on the ground before he was paraded round camp. His Willy is much in evidence but I hope you can make out his legs below, and his head above!! :-)

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Billy look-a-like

I found this picture today, and it looks so much like Billy that I just could not resist posting it for you all to have a giggle over :-)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

An apology (especially for Malcom at work)

I have just been told Rotherham is not a suburb of Sheffield.. its a town in its' own right.

Sorry Rotherham, and sorry Malc ;-)

Monday, 21 July 2008

Its quiet..

Its all gone quiet :( they are on their way to their dads now...

Humans are missing them, cats.. quite pleased I think ;-)

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sunday together

Today had a lazy start.. I think everyone had surfaced by about 10.30am, so I took M to Tescos to buy a few bits and peices for the evening meal.

All of us played a bit on line, read, Xboxed and chatted until lunch, then shortly after (well at about 4pm) Simon and his girlfirend Sarah came round, and everyone apart from me settled down to a game of poker :-) I head lots of "wooooooooooooo" noises, and lots of laughter, oh and some chomping when I made them choc chip cookies :-)

Douglas made a cottage pie (From Real Cottages) earlier today, so the poker players had that with peas and sweetcorn, and I had Lasagne, (made from real vegetables!!) Oh I also did some yummy garlic bread for myself.

Pudding was a choice of cookie, ice cream, rhubarb or apple bar (strudel) so there was plenty to go around. Our older nephew (A) seems to have a bit of a chocolate and ice cream addiction, and seemed to think the ice cream belonged to him.. we put him right on that lol.... it was Haagen Daaz - possibly the best ice cream in the world, so everyone was keen to have some.

Simon, Sarah and A have now gone off to a gig in town. Uncle Simon and Honourary Aunty Sarah will take good care of A, and post him home at about 11, unless I get a call to pick him up earlier.

Michael and I are up here - D is downstairs watching Dexter, a TV series unsuitable for young nephews!

Tomorrow, we have to get them packed, and ensure everything of theirs (apart of course from their very cool ipods and nintendo game!! lol) before they go to their dads on the train tomorrow lunch time.

We will miss not having small willing slaves to help lay the table, put dishes away and generally be useful!! ;-) But.. it will be much quieter!! hahaahaa

A day out!

D's Sis and Partner went home on Friday lunch time, leaving us with the two boys till Monday lunch time! Now we are all four kids together, we can start having real Kid fun wooooooooot! (as runescapers will know, it now genrally means hooray, having started off with a different meaning)

We took the car to a Science Park within reasonable driving distance called Magna. Its in a suburb of Sheffield called Rotherham. Sheffield, many years ago had a thriving steel industry, but sadly as it became cheaper to make it elsewhere, the foundries closed, leaving just a few still going today.

Magna Science Park is in an old foundry - its a truely massive place. We purchased lunch en route at a supermarket (Pork pie for D, sausage rolls for the boys, cheese and onion rolls for me, made nicer with hommus, carrot sticks, grapes, pineapple juice and water. yum!) as lunch at theme park type places always empties your purse more than it should.

We went in, and looked up - the top of the building seemed a very very long way away. The boys were impressed by someone abseilling down from high up, and M (the younger one) decided it looked quite scary. This was a special event, not open to anyone who just fancied a go.

Magna is split up into the elements, Earth Air Fire and Water. This is in the Earth section, but it was a hydraulic air pump, so this photo shows M being pumped up on a small platform by his big brother.

We enjoyed exploring each element, with interactive games and experiments in each section, the best bits were fire and water - M was absolutley desperate to do the water bit.. and revelled in getting totally soaked!

The Fire bit was pretty good too.. especially the fire whirlwind, which, although it didnt last long was pretty "cool" and helped to dry soggy nephew out a bit :-) Non soggy nephew is pictured.. he thought it was pretty cool too!

We were there for about 3 hours, D drove home. The older two kids (me and D) were pretty tired, so collapsed in a heap whilst the younger two (wish permission) vanished up to plug their brains into the internet. M decided he too, wanted to Blog, so he spent quite a while writing his first few bits up. A few more years and he will become a "blogger of note"!!

Friday, 18 July 2008

How could I resist?

I just took these.. This is billy lying next to the keyboard of our other computer... hes not a pink cat.. ;-) I think the sun is reflecting the pink of my top onto him and the computer behind.

This is lilly sitting on the floor next to me waiting for me to stroke her some more. Yes I know its a strange angle.. but its a nice photo of her!

A quiet moment (Friday)

I woke at about 5.30am, went down and fed Billy and Lilly. Billy, bless him, woke me up by walking up my body, as I lay sideways in bed. They were hungry, so obligingly, I got up and fed them, then went back to bed.

Billys way of waking me up is better than other techniques he could use!!! see this incredibly funny clip..

As I write.. Billy is on the desk, lying on his favouite furry cushion cover, and Lilly is winding herself round my ankles, headbutting my hand whenever I hang it down by my side. Bliss :-) I need four hands.. one for each cat and two to type!!!

I woke up again at about 9am worried that I was the last one up. Only D's Sister was up, everyone else was glued to their beds. The last one didnt get up till past 10!!!

We had organised to meet up with Simon - who is D and Sis in laws brother. Si lives in the same City as us, so he and his girlfriend Sarah met up for lunch with us. Lunch was pretty good - it was lovely to see so much of D's side of the family all together!

Sis in Law and partner have now packed their bags and are driving back to Scotland, leaving us with the two boys until Monday! :-)

Douglas has taken the boys swimming - I wimped out, because I wanted to write my blog before youngest nephew (Will call him M) wants help starting one of his own. Hes 11, very sweet but very active - loves computers and Xbox games, and has decided to become a cat.. saying "Meow" more times than some adults patience will tolerate :-) He adores Billy and Lilly.. needless to say they dont adore him !! haha

******** quick pause, because I realised it was nearly tea time for pussy cats, and since its quiet its a good time to feed them *******

This evening we will make Spaghetti Carbonara for the boys and Douglas, I will have veggie lasagne as there is loads left over. Yum. Oh.. i could have veggie curry as there is some of that left over from Wednesday night!! Im spoilt for choice!

Well, now time for a bit of runescape whilst I can.

A quiet moment in a busy week! (Wed and Thurs)

Well Sis in Law, partner and kids arrived at about 4pm on Wednesday, so apart from when everyone is sound asleep its been pretty busy here.

The cats are pretty scared and make themselves scarce when lots of noise is going on, but appear later for food and love from their parents :-) Billy has allowed himself to be stroked a few times by both boys, but obviously is not very keen on the idea!!

Yesterday I got up very early (as usual) but instead of going to work, I got busy making the vegetable base and cheese sauce for two large lasagnes!

Once I had these prepared, and helped everyone get what they wanted for breakfast (Chocolate rice crispies for the boys, fresh home made bread toasted for the adults, and a couple of cinanmon rasin bagels for me)

We went into town on the tram, pointed out various landmarks and enjoyed some shopping - espeically going into a big stationers to get some playing cards. Douglas - the softie that he is - got older nephew a silver breifcase poker set, with chips and playing cards - its going to be Christmas and Birthday combined as it was rather expensive!

For lunch, we took the gang to a veggie cafe in town. Douglas and I had enchiladas, with refried beans, cheese and some lovely salads, others had Homity Pie and a tomato and something I dont like quiche. Younger nephew, who is a fussy eater, had a scone and some pineapple juice, and said it was the best scone he had ever had :-) We all enjoyed our lunches.

I organised the afternoons activities.. I suggested that Sis in law and partner should go explore the local Waitrose (Strange how all our Scottish visitors want to visit that landmark lol) and go back via a pub in town that is highly regarded. Douglas had an afternoon nap, as he looked very tired, and the boys and I played Runescape and XBox Indianna Jones games.

Later, once I had put my lasagne together, Douglas took over the kitchen to make some Sushi! Hes very good at this, and it was particularly requested by his Sister.

We had a busy meal time, as my parents popped over too, so we fed the boys first then squeezed 6 adults round our table for Sushi starter, Veggie lasagne, garlic bread, and Cabbage Salad, which my dad made. Its his speciality, and its lovely.

After my parents left, the table was cleared and washing up was done (blessings on visitors who help with washing up) the Silver briefcase came out, and a game of Poker was set up. I opted out, but the others had a great game. I think that Sis in laws partner won in the end, with Douglas coming in second.

I went to bed before the game finished, but the sound effects of a happy evening floated up as I fell asleep.

Monday, 14 July 2008

The next few weeks (wow getting ahead of myself now)

Well.. tomorrow after I finish work, Douglas will pick me up and we will drive down to Derbyshire to where David and Sandy are staying. They have invited us for a meal, and a dip in their indoor pool!!!

I have their post code in my most wonderful Birthday Present Sat Nav, so we wont get lost :-)

On Wednesday, "Little Sis" (D's younger sister), her two boys and her partner are driving down from Scotland to stay with us for a few days. If you look at the comments on the previous post, you will see a long list of the wonderful things we have planned for them ;-) Ahh what lucky in laws we have... Oh.. partner is also a plumber so.. hahah lets put him to work too???

We will be left with the two boys on Friday, and will then take them a little North of here to meet up with their dad on Monday. Im sure between the four of us, all being kids, we will have a great time!!!

After that, a few days back at work, then off to an undisclosed location to a Pagan Camp.

Will let you know how it all goes, and how good the visitors are at cleaning windows, which is another of the excting activities we have planned for them. hahahahah!

Catch up.. In Law Day (and a half)

On Wednesday last, we had our 2nd set of July visitors.. this time Douglases Dad and Step Mum. They were on their way on a visit of friends and family in England, and we were the first stop. Its great to have a house big enough to accommodate overnight guests at last. (Our last place in Bristol had one small spare single bed)

David and Sandy took us out for a lovely meal – D’s brother Simon and his girlfriend came too. We went to a place suggested by Si that did South American and Mexican food. Despite a few hiccups with Davids meal (he ordered what the waitress thought was an onion free meal, but when it arrived the waitress came over, very apologetic and explained there was finely chopped onion in the sauce!!) Since David is onion intolerant, a new dish was chosen, cooked fairly quickly, delivered with apologies and a free drink.

We had a lovely evening, chatting, eating and drinking – I think we got home at about 10pm, by which time we had consumed two large jugs of Sangria, and quite a few cocktails. Needless to say we all slept very well.

Douglas took David and Sandy to our local Waitrose (big treat for them, since there are no branches local to them in Scotland) and then in onto town. I didn’t feel like going, so I went out into the garden and decided to attack the veg patch before it becomes a total weed patch.

I started with some small weeds, getting them up with use of trowel, but then I decided to change gears, get the shears out and cut down some Triffids (aka dock plants and bind weed, mixed with the occasional bramble) near to the fence that were taking over It all looks a bit better now.

Catch up.. Kid weekend

Wow I have been remiss in keeping my blog up to date – Dear Readers, please accept my apologies!!!

Kid weekend.

We had the twins and Carlo from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon about 2 weeks ago, as their parents were away, and their visit would not have been any fun, or really possible with kids in tow.

On Saturday we went to the cinema to see Kung Fu Panda, which Douglas really wanted to see. All of us enjoyed it very much! We gave the kids a choice after the film.. either go bowling and have a late lunch, or go home for lunch then go swimming. They were enthusiastic about ten pin bowling, so in we went!! I think Leo won the game. Douglas and I, who shared a “go” came last, but our excuse is that the kids had an advantage because we got the barriers that prevent the bowling ball slipping down into the gully to rise for their turns, and vanish for ours.

We got back and had a late lunch, and watched the heavens open in a short but very heavy downpour. All the gutters on the houses in the area were overwhelmed, so the rain fountained out and over the top of them – we and the kids were fascinated. We were not so impressed to find the rain had forced its way through our back roof and into the house via the downstairs loo lightbulb (water was dripping down onto the floor from this bulb) This only happens when the rain is particularly heavy, and we rarely use the light in there, so its not on the top of the list to get rectified.

We had a quiet afternoon in. The kids read, and, on Marthas request, we made a chocolate cake from scratch. I suggested Brownies or Cookies since I have packet mixes for both, but Martha was adamant it had to be chocolate cake, and it had to be made from scratch!! M&L are getting better at helping, and also better

Before the last exciting episode of Dr Who, they all got into their PJs, and bed followed swiftly afterwards.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sad news

I got a text from my mum this morning.. all is said was

"Olly, RIP"

Their dearly beloved 15 year old pussycat had been poorly and lost a lot of weight recently.. he died peacefully in his sleep last night.

He was a lovely ginger puss until recently he was a shiny happy cat who enjoyed making his pets (my parents) give him the best food on offer even from their own plates. He used to have his own stool at the dining table, and extend one careful paw to hook off any goodies placed on the edge of the table, then jump down, eat and return hoping for more. Olly also enjoyed cleaning my parents cereal bowls after breakfast, making sure no trace of milk (or cereal) remained.

I know that my parents and our extended family will miss him, but he wasnt well, and Im glad he had a peaceful end.

A busy week

Last Thursday saw the arrival of my friend Leonie (aka Loonie) from Bristol and her baby Amy, who is 7 months old.

I wasnt able to get time off, but we have had some pleasant evenings, and a bit of fun at the weekend. There was a "green" fair happening in town, so Douglas dropped us off, whilst he went to buy an un-birthday present for his brother Simon.

The Green fair was lovely - made nicer by the fact that my older brother was doing his unicycle juggling "Professor Fiddlesticks" show, my younger brother turned up with his 3 kids, and my parents turned up too!

Its been fun spending a bit of time looking after little Amy, who has blue eyes and looks just sooo cute when she smiles (she does that a lot). Ive learnt how not to leave the bowl of baby mush anywhere near baby, as Amy adores grabbing anything she possibly can, and getting into a right mess.. Ive changed a nappy (done it before mind you) and managed to stop howls and turn them into gurgles.

Douglas and I are quite happy having visiting kids, but even happier when its just us and our two furry babies (Billy and Lilly) who, although need love care and attention, are much less demanding than a baby :-)

Next week we have Martha, Leo (both 8) and Carlo (4) for the weekend as my brother and sister in law are busy. We will put them to work, and hopefully tire them out :-)